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HiveOS ios mobile app notification

Hello Everybody!
Is there any options in the hiveOS ios mobile app that shows up a notification if there any error message in the hiveOS mining system?
It would be useful for me, because i can restart the system immediately with my iPhone. Thanks for the answers.

Software Telegram…

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Hi nanial!
I downloaded the app. Where is the settings what i need?

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Thank You nanial!
The Telegram app works very well. The video is a little bit old and the settings are somewhere else in the hiveOS, but i found them. The error message notification is a bit late (10-15 minutes after the error) but its fine and i can reboot the system. Thanks again.

I m glad to find out a solution …

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I’m not sure if the HiveOS iOS mobile app has a feature that sends notifications for error messages, but that would be a handy tool. It sucks to constantly monitor your mining system to ensure everything’s running smoothly.

The newest release has push notifications for any errors or messages you choose to opt in to have sent