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Hiveos Invalid Shares on Flexpool /Hiveonpool with Trex

Hello there :slight_smile:
After 3-4 weeks I still get stuck and getting frustrated.

I have 3 Rigs and in the pool it shows me allways invalid shares for each rigs.
But in the Hiveos Dashboard i cant see any red circule icons like that: grafik

I have changed allready the Pools between Hiveon and Flexpool and still get no Icons error for each GPU. On the Hiveonpool i had like 6 Invalid shares and now on the Flexpool i have more then 22 Invalid shares.Did I turn off the option for the Invalid Share Icons? Or why it doesnt display any Invalid Shares ?

Its for me very important to see which GPU makes the Invalid Shares.

Dashboard: Screenshot by Lightshot

Flexpool: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hiveonpool: i had 6 Invalid Shares.


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