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HiveOS 'Internal Server Error'

Dear Hive admin

Since 2 weeks / 1 month, I got random but frequent problem with accessing the farm site

This is anoying when you have to chain multiple action that can be stopped during process leaving miner out of order



Western Europs side, fiber connection, 100% bandwith, 0% packet error to my side
=> Nothing to do with my connection, same things on LTE

Everythins has been perfect for years but currently it’s a pain :confused:
Any ETA or something allready done to solev this ?

Also any emergency command to do bascis such as flysheet swapping or overclocking profile swapping ? Considering troubelshootings this sounds relevant


We’ve been experiencing some ddos attacks lately, apologies for the inconvenience. I understand the frustration as well as im a user too.

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Thanks you for the transparency
Other companies would hide such fact…

Today, status for a few hours: Gateway faulty Error code 502

Is Hiveos hosted in Senegal where the Internet has been cut?

No, there was an issues with the authentication/login server which has been addressed and access restored. Everything should be working now as intended

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Glad to here that ! Good job team

Is hive down again? Can’t login to my farm

I’m not aware of any issues reported earlier, you can always check to see the current availability in the future