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HiveOs install error ECC is disable

Hi Guys,

today i want to install HiveOs on one of my systems , and i get ECC is disable error on startup Linux shell searched for error and find answer , but this solution just work in Linux started OS , not before starting the OS , anyone can help me in this issue.



i find temp way for this problem and share it until find permanent solution.

first start your HiveOs in recovery mode , u can access terminal from shell in box in this mode
then cd to

cd /etc/modprobe.d/

then edit file

sudo nano balcklist.conf

with nano or whatever you want with sudo access
add this lines

blacklist amd64_edac_mod
blacklist amd_edac_mod

save the file and restart the system .

now system ignore the ECC is disable and work normaly.
this is temporary solution until find better one.


Your better one is new Ram memory from a known manufacturer.

It should work ok. If you have problems then start invastigating.

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