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HiveOS having issues with GPus

I had a 4 Nvidia gpus rig running on windows 10(1 x 3090, 3 x 3070). A few days ago i bought another 2 rx 6800 and decided to add them to finish my rig. On windows i can mine with them(using pheonixminer) but HiveOS only sees the 6800s and the 3090, the other 3 3070 are not there. I reflashed a few times the ssd, i changed to another ssd, to usb sticks and so on… Unplugged everything and then replaced everything back but to no avail.
Is there something i can do?

I know this is a pain in the butt, but have you tried to use each one individually with hive first on the the rig?

then also what motherboard are you using? if you are using a m2 drive or many other things you may have ran out of pcie lanes…

Check if 4G encoding is on in your motherboard BIOS. PCIe speed to gen2

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