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Hiveos hates my red dragon

Hey guys,
I recently bought a 5700xt powercolor red dragon.
It works great in windows, mining at 53-54 mh/s, but I haven’t been able to use it under hiveos.
I can see it in Hive, but with TRM is a dead dectetion all the time; Phoenix miner just ignores it (0 h/s all the time); other miners doesn’t even start if I don’t unplug it.
I read a thousand pages here looking for a solution, I changed risers, cables, mobo, modded bios, back to stock bios, reflashed hive, updated miners, downgrade to old hive image and miners. Nothing worked.
Only mining in windows works.
any suggestions for me?

In the first image above you can see the bios is just “111”; I have like 30 5700 but this is the only powercolor so I don’t know if that’s normal.

Hi. I had the same problem, but only with RX 6700. You can change the version of the phoenixminer to 5.5 c but the miner will not work stably. I switched to nbminer

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