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Hiveos hangs

Newb here.
Biostar tb250-btc with 6x RX 580-4gb
HiveOS installed fine and I was connected to ETH pool, but couldn’t get any hashrate. So I created a new Flight Sheet for ETC. When I switched my worker to that new FS, my rig hung. At the rig terminal I reboot via server button, and HiveOS loads fine (I can see that it says Hello to Hive servers). The main screen loads and the “up time” timer freezes. Tried a couple of times.
Went back into Hive dashboard and changed the pool of the ETC Flight Sheet. Then rebooted, via switch, and I saw that once the main screen showed, the new miner pool package was being downloaded, unpacked and read. Then it hung again.
Reading online one suggestion was that the Mem clock was too high (2100) so I set all cards to 1900, and saved the config, knowing it wouldn’t make it to my rig until I rebooted. My rig is still hanging.
Any thoughts/suggestions/places to look?
Thanks much.

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