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HiveOS hangs everytime I send a comand from the dashboard/shell

Hello everyone,
I am quite new to mining. I have a small rig consisting of 3xRX580 and 1xRX5700XT cards, all are BIOS Modded. I get total hashrate of about 152Mh/s on Ethash PhoenixMiner. Recently I was facing a problem, where some cards were crashing, as soon as miner started. Same was not the case when I used CudoOS experimentally.
But now I am facing another issue.
The moment i send a command from my dashboard or from Shell-in-a-box, my miner screen (Shell-in-a-box->“miner”) freezes and I am unable to open Shell by refreshing the page. Even the miner rig goes offline from Hiveos. When I press the power button, Rig does not naturally shut down. I have to long press it to force shutdown.
I am really confused. I switched to LAN, re-flashed HiveOS (Beta), but continuously facing the same issue. It would be very helpful if someone could tell me how to solve it. I am a total noob and not at all into coding or linux commands (except to just a few).

Thank you

You have hardware problem. That’s my conclusion after your post.
Nothing more detailed can be said because there is no information - overclocking parameters, hardware composition or rig boot logs, or that would indicate a failure
As you say some “card crashing”. First of all you’ll need find this cards. Check all risers, OC settings, power cables, etc.

У меня аналогичная проблема, если найдёте ответ напишите.

Hello. I’m facing the same problem. Did you solve it?