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about twice a day my mining rig’s are taken over and mining to another wallet. I have changed my passwords (already had 2FA active), Changed SSH password and am using ETHEHASH not Claymore. still my rig is getting taken over.
It is not profitable to mine if i am loosing 3 hours a day to this takeover as with the depressed amount for crypto and power cost.
Is there any mitigation step i can take to stop this from happening?
Is the HiveOS team addressing this issue with a patch?
if so, when will this be addressed?
Basically what are our options?

Thank you for your time.

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Why you write here instead write to Hive support? By forum it’s more complicated.
Create ticket by sending your problem/question to [email protected]

Hi Halo,

Posting here my issue benefits the community as anyone else having the same issue would be able to read the resolution rather than everyone submitting the same problem over and over again. i will try your recommendation.
Thank you

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the same here lost 1 month any help

i think that happen from 15 or 20 August help us

Create ticket to support [email protected]

I had the same issue few months back. The only fix for me was to change my username and password and I created a new account. Later found out that someone was going thru a combination of email addresses and password to hack Hiveos (Heard from Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.

The Satori Botnet works on a specific set of ports. I shut down the ports on my router and that worked. Also, shut down VNC and SHELLINABOX, google search will give you Linx commands for that.

  • Port 37215: Known, exploiting vulnerabilities CVE-2017-17215, Huawei recently released the relevant statement
  • Port 52869: Known, exploiting vulnerabilities CVE-2014-8361, related to some Realtek SDK, the exploit code PoC is published since 2016
  • Port 3333: Newly emerged, exploiting ETH mining remote management interface mentioned above.
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Hi! What command do You use for shutdown hiveshell? I cant find it