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HiveOS go OFFLINE but in pool is ok

HI i have problem when i start HiveOS affter 1h i go OFFLINE on panel but in pool is working how to fix this dose anyone now?thx

У меня тоже такая беда :frowning:

something same for me too
net - test show failed
hello show error connecting to hive server
but miner is working and pool can see all hash

what can be problem?

in hive is show this when is go offline but in pool is working.any solution?

Indeed - same here after 1hr rig shows offline in dashboard - but the miner is working and hashing to the pool - how to fix or patch

Try changing Hive Server URL from Hive Dashboard. Of course, your rig has to be online for setting to be sent to the rig.

Other thing is that sometimes Hive agent hangs, or can’t send data to Hive server. Try to ssh into rig and run agent-screen command. There you can find useful info about the possible problem.

is not help rigs anyway go offline affter some time.

Did you check logs in /var/logs ? What does it tell you there?


how to fide place /var/logs wher is?:slight_smile:

You can ssh into rig, use VNC, teleconsole, shellinabox… your choice.

But, judging by the question, you are not familiar with Linux and working in command line interface. Troubleshooting without that knowledge can be somewhat painful and frustrating.

maby her somthing wrong?

No… I often see this with GPUs with modded BIOS… this is not making problems to you…

can you tell me which command i need type exactly?thx

You need to ssh into your rig. Then go in /var/log/ folder (type ‘cd /var/log’) and there you will find many different logs. Examining those will help you determine where is your problem.

an what i should finde ther (for exempel)sory for qwestions i am new on linux.:slight_smile:

I would first check hive-agent.log - there you will see all communication going on between your rig and Hive server. There you will see if agent cannot reach server, or maybe it cannot read data from miner itself…

this bad getawy sothing mean?)

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