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HiveOs -Gigabyte B250 Fintech + 12x RX580 8GB errors, freezes

hi Friends

Got a freeze problems with my Rig

Motherboard Gigabyte Fintech B250
Processor: Celeron 3930
8GB memory
12x Asrock RX580 8GB
PSU EVGA 850w (powering mother + 4 GPUS and their risers)
Server PSU 2400w (powering 8 GPUS and their risers)

The rig worked ok during 4 months.
Now, problems and more problems

The miner stops and freezes super randomly
1hour, 3hours, 12hours, 10min…

The freezes shows different errors on linux code : (more photos in the first comments)

Things i aready tried:

:arrow_right: Change Risers
:arrow_right: Re-write the hive image
:arrow_right: Change Pendrive for a SSD
:arrow_right: Change PSU (before the server psu was a EVGA 1000w GQ)
:arrow_right: lowering the core/mem and undervolt
:arrow_right: Taking off one card
:arrow_right: Take off all the SATA / molex from Risers. (all powered by PCIE)

ideas? What can i do to fix this?

no one?? :cold_sweat:

I’m struggling with the Chinese motherboard and 9 RX 6600. Goes “offline” and does not even react if you “click” on the power button. Only hard reset. I did try:

  • raisers
  • PSU
  • SSDs (a few)
  • removing/changing some of the GPUs.
    It was the same way when I had a Wi-Fi card and now when it’s connected to LAN.
    Don’t get any errors - just the last line of the miner on the screen and it’s frozen solid.
    Blame on motherboard or CPU. I’ve seen people resolving issues when you change “auto” values for the CPU to set voltage/etc. That’s what I will try next.

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