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HiveOS gets offline after modem restart


After trying to restart network modem in as Current setting as picture below, or network unavailability, HiveOS can’t connect to network anymore and stays offline until rebooting system manually.

Is there any fix for this issue?

U can turn on the internet watch dog so when the internet goes off line it will restart the system by itself

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Can you guide me with screenshot please?

just head to ur worker in hiveos and then on the top the dog icon click on it and turn the watchdog hasrate on… ihope this works :wink:
Screenshot (15)

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Have the same issue with TP-LINK and watchdog isn’t a good solution (but sure works). If you lose internet due to provider issues it will restart the miner/rig time after time after time. There seems to be an issue with the operating system hive uses. On other pcs with Windows I never get the same problem. Wonder if this will be ever fixed as its rarely happening for people.

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