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HiveOS freezes when changing OC settings on 5700 XT; other cards work fine

I can’t change any OC settings on my AMD card without HiveOS freezing.

I noticed that when I did something as simple as changing the fan speed on my 5700 XT, the hashrate would go to 0 (as in the screenshot below) and only a few seconds later my rig would lose a connection and freeze, forcing me to manually reboot it.

For all my other cards (RX580, 1080 Ti) I can change any OC setting, not just fan speed, without a hiccup. I make the change and click Apply, and it changes right after.

I am using Phoenix Miner (although this happens with Team Red Miner as well). Can anyone share with me what settings they use for their 5700 XT? This has really been making me go nuts and I’ve spent too many hours troubleshooting this.

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You won’t get help unless you put the details of your rig in the request.

It turns out that you have to stop the miner before changing OC settings for Big Navi cards, according to the experience of multiple other people. So I guess it’s just an unfortunate thing I have to live with

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@ CamoKing Just noticed this problem, thank you for posting the info.

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I have same issue. Every time I make OC change rig without stopping miner makes rig frozen. It is so annoying when I changing settings many times to get best values.

yea, few months have pass still the same issue…

Maybe try new version of your HiveOS & if you have modded your BIOS, try with stock too

I am always using the latest version of hiveos. I am using stock vbios. I do not want to downgrade hiveos to find version where it works. I have got another issue, but probably this is for another thread, for my RT5500xts does not shows memory temp. Apt update, upgrade solve this issue but Rt5700xt loosing fan speed and both temps.
Did you see something similar?

Many 5500 dont show mem temp

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