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HiveOS freezes periodically

I have a setup with 2x 1660Ti and 1x Rx590.
I recently changed my MB to a ASUS PRIME X370-PRO and a AMD Ryzen 7 1700X CPU.
1200 watt BeQuiet PSU.

Both used for a Windows PC before without issues.
I changed because my old MB would not boot into HiveOS when I connected the Rx590. But that works with the new MB.
But now running HiveOS it freezes periodically and a shutdown and boot is necessary.

So far I have tried following:

  • Setting up Watchdog to see if it reboots, but no luck.

  • Running without the Rx590

  • Changing CMOS battery /BIOS changes clock to two hours behind everytime it reboots

  • Reinstalling HiveOS

  • Boot into BIOS and let it run for 48 hours - And that worked fine. But when I boot into HiveOS it freezes. Sometimes after 1 hours, sometimes after 5 hours.

  • Tested CPU temperatures and GPU temperatures.

I am currently lost for any other ideas. Anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile:

Post a foto with OC settings…
What version and kerner of hiveos u run?
With what cables connect your GPU’s and risers?

Here is OC and version settings.

I for the risers I used the cable that followed and with my PSU I bought extra from BeQuiet.

For Nvidia Use core 900 and mem 2000 PL 80-85 does not matter…
Use trex miner the latest version …
For amd use core 1150 vdd 850 mem 2050 - 2100 *(and remove DPM value)
use team red miner
Your Hiveos version is ok

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Thank you I will try :slight_smile:

Can you please help me with the AMD settings? I am not sure there the vdd 850 settings is?

I think I got the settings right :slight_smile: I hope this helps on the crash!

It helped and it runs for a bit longer but still goes offline periodically… Any other ideas?

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