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HiveOS freezes after few hours

I have a B250-btc pro 12p (Unbranded) and 1 x RTX 3090 GPUs.

I’m not able to get it running more than 4 or 5 hours, after that it freezes and needs a physically power button restart, which is of course very annoying.

Any idea of what is happening? any culprit guess? Is there anyway to debug it?

any workarround?


ther should be miner logs or linux logs somewhere but you ahve to search in internet how to find them. whats the temperature the gpu reaches and whatsd teh OC settings. is the PSU power enough to power everything?

The temp of the card is about 50 degrees, maximum I have seen is 53 degree celsius.
The power supply is a server power supply with 2400W.
the OC used is :

116.2 MH 48° 80% 279W Fan => 80 Core => 1100 Memory => 2600 Power Limit => 305 (so not too aggresive)

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