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HiveOS fails to start after Hashrate Watchdog reboot or Power Actions Reboot

My rig consists of the following:
Motherboard: TB560-BTC PRO BIOSTAR Group (5.19 02/15/2022)
CPU: 20 × Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900KF CPU @ 3.70GHz AES
Disk Model: ATA ROGOB 128GB
Kernel 5.10.0-hiveos #110
GPU: 5 NVIDIA 3090 FE Cards

If Hashrate Watchdog reboots the system or I select Power Options, Reboot or Power Options, Shutdown & Reboot in 30 seconds the systems reboots but does not recover and restart HiveOS and one of the following four screens are displayed. If I unplug the PSU and plug it back in it restarts properly 100% of the time. Actions I have taken to resolve the issue:

  1. Remove the Apple Keyboard, no change
  2. Replace the memory, no change

I see a kernel taint pointing to a hardware issue, however if I unplug the rig and plug it back in it will restart properly and start mining 100% of the time.

I am looking for help to resolve this issue.

Do you have any other compatible cpus to test with?

I do not, however I can buy a new one if needed. What I do not understand is why it fails 100% of the time when rebooting from HiveOS and boots up properly 100% of the time when I plug in the rig.

It does sound like an odd issue, could always try another bios version, other bios settings, other clocks and voltages etc etc. but fastest way to rule out a hardware issue is to just swap stuff around. I would test another cpu if that hive install boots and functions properly on other computers.

I will order a new CPU and test it at the end of next week and reply back with the results.

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I have this problem too and when the hive OS update was available, my connection to my rig crashed and when I tried to restart it, something similar appeared on my screen.
I thought it was my usb stick but apparently not, do you think it’s due to the CPU ? Because when I was mining my load average was in the red .

Need to troubleshoot. Load average being high can be from a few different things. If you’re cpu mining, or doing any other work on the cpu at that time higher load average is normal. A slow usb drive can contribute to a high load average as well.

I sould change my USB stick ?

And i don’t make CPU mining i use GPU i have 10 Nvidia 3070, thanks for your help.

Post a screenshot of your worker overview screen showing versions, overclocks, kernel/driver miner etc etc

This is my config when crashed and after rebooting that show this

Try flashing a new drive, preferably an ssd over a usb dive

i was try to reflash an USB stick but i coming back to you when i try an ssd. Thanks

Problem resolved thank you very much !!

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