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HiveOS dualt mine Eth+RVN issues with all miners

WHEN DUAL MINING rvn+ethereum with 4 3080 and 1 3060ti the ethereum mines perfectly, and RVN never works. same if I try to set up solo RVN mining. Ive tried different wallets, miners, and pools to no avail.


This isn’t supported anymore as it doesn’t make financial sense. This was only a thing when you couldn’t use the full gpu on eth alone, which you can now.

If you really want to dual min eth and rvn (you really shouldn’t as you’re losing profits this way) use an older version of trex that supports it.

The whole point of dual mining is to increase profits.

Is dual mining any coin at the moment a wash? I have been doing calculations from power at wall etc and elec cost. Finished with Eth Ton dual and did well. Is it just better to stay solo ETH til the upgrade?

Eth and ton was nice. There’s eth and alph and eth and kaspa that can be more profitable currently depending on your cards and power costs, but margins are much less than they were with ton.

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