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HiveOS doesn't start new miner, it's working only on NBminer

I don’t know what to do, in the last few days my hiveos is having a lot of problems, but practically all solved, the only problem left was not being able to change miner, I’m locking in NBminer, I try to change to gminer, T-rex and no change. I open the command screen and notice that a message appears, in which the new miner is being installed, but the miner does not run and does not leave this screen. For some reason my 120gb ssd was full, I gave a command and opened space ( hive-replace -y --stable ) but still the miner does not change. who knows how to solve without having to reinstall anything, thank you.

It is a slow download in the background to get the new miner selected. Downloads are slow right now, grab a cup of coffee/tea/soda/water and wait 10mins.

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