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HiveOS displaying the wrong number of gpus

I recently had a problem with my rig and I changed some risers, since then HIVEOS doesn´t show all the gpus (only 8) but the miner is mining on all 12 gpus. I also updated to the latest release and HIVEOS doesn´t show the right one on the OS version, it seems like my worker is not updating on the HIVEOS display.

can somebody help me to fix this?

Clear cache.
Check activity for latest commands sent.

Post the whole rig interface.

  • Hashrate matches
  • Dual mining?
  • reported wattage correct?

Have you updated the hiveos software since reflashing? It still says you’re on a months old version in your screenshot. Also looks like you have some date/Time issues as well. Is your clock set to something weird in the bios?

Cache cleared, hashrates match, no dual mining, wattage at wall is according to all 12 gpus mining.

I updated the hiveos thru the command self-upgrade, at the console you can see its 0.6-213 but on the HIVEOS display its 0.6-212. I changed the bios time but the problem persists.

You can see the total ETHHASH is right, 350,9 MH, but it doesn´t show all the 12 gpus mining

Do you have another device to check the hive dashboard from? Does it show the same if so?

I’m wondering if it’s a cached info issue on whatever device you’re using saving all the old info instead of showing the correct stuff.

Solved on its own, just checked and its displaying all the 12 gpus. Thanks for the support!

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