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HiveOS device220a

Hey all, I added a new nvidia card today GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING OC 12GB 256-bit GDDR6X Graphics Card with 3x WINDFORCE 3 to my miner (nbminer) and I get a device 220a error. It is not able to find the device. This is my 5th card on the rig and had no issues with the others. I updated to latest nvidia drivers and hiveos then reboot and still no luck. I see power on the gpu and the gpuriser is powered and appears to recognize on hiveos but not picking up the card model. Does anyone have any ideas how I get this card to show up? I also notice now that I have device HD Graphics 530 which not sure why this shows now. I tried swapping usb port on my mobo and swapped the usb cable and the gpu riser. I feel like it has something to do with a 3080. My other 4 cards are all 3060 or 3070 TI.

Look on nvidias site for the driver version your card requires, then manually specify that version after the nvidia-driver-update command.

thanks I have checked and version they suggest is 510.54 and the latest version available on HIVEOS is 495.46. What do I do now?

I was able to manually update to latest version of drivers. However my 3080 is only getting 56 MH which is worse than my 3070 TI. Not sure if I have a bad overclock

Try lolminer, as far as I know they have the best unlock for the latest lhr.

something is wrong as I am getting 44-56 MH on my RTX 3080 LHR and should be getting at least over 60 MH. I cant figure out what the issue is that it gets such low MH rate.

With which miner, driver version and which settings?

I am running nbminer and I just updated to latest version 0.6-213@220320 and my hashrate is now at 70. So the new version that just came out helped drastically. Is this the best I should get for this card (RTX 3080 12GB LHR)? I am using core -502, memory 1500, and 239W.

However these settings dont seem to be stable. Now MH is at 32.

Did you not try lolminer like I mentioned above? Also, don’t use core offsets for 30 series, it’s less efficient and will trigger lhr more if you’re not using a locked core clock.

I swapped to lolminer and its more stable now running at 63 MH using core 1260, memory 2050, and 270 W. Do you have a suggestion on where to find best OC settings for lolminer? My other gpus have gone down a little in their MH so now I have to tweak them all.

The best settings should be the same across miners. If you’re after the best performance use lolminer for the 12gb 3080 and trex for the rest of your lhr cards.

I moved 4 cards TREX and the 4 cards all had higher MH. However the 3080 LHR is doing terrible. So i moved it back to lolminer. Can you tell me which pool you suggest? I only have 1 rig. I have been using ethermine. Also quick question my 3070TI LHR cards are getting me 60 MH on TRex and my 3080 LHR is getting me 63 MH on lolminer. I should be getting higher MH on the 3080. Is there some sort of config or best settings for this?

I do notice on console it keeps changing my LHR tuning setting. Could this be the issue? Should I set it consistent?

You just have to let it auto tune. You can use both miners, just tell them which devices to use in the extra config.

thanks so much for your help! I woke up today and they all look good. I still have a question about my 3080 LHR card. All the videos and articles I read they get over 70 MH. I can only get 63 MH. Could this just be the card I am using or is there anything else you know I can to get better MH out of? All my other cards I get better than they project.

Also is there a preferred pool for mining ETH? Should I be using hiveos which seems to be free?

Maybe you’re looking at 3080 10gb lhr results? They do 75mh/s

this is true. Why is the 12gb worse?

Different lhr style than the older ones

makes sense, any thoughts on over time they will improve the performance in the miners to unlock more of the LHR?

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