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HiveOS data connection errors

anyone else having issues connecting to the farm…

yes same for me . keeps saying data load error. annoying as trying to setup and launch a new flightsheet but the worker isn’t pulling across any flightsheets to choose from :frowning:

cant connect with phone either …so I know its not my internet service

ha same tried ios app and also via web browser . Other rigs are still hashing etc just seems the web gui for hive has issues

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its back online
…for the moment :slight_smile:

My rig of RX570s …has been running solid with Teamredminer… first time in weeks …

was seriously tire of the random “GPU # 3 is dead …now rebooting”… message…

But now its server connection issues…
tho it appears the rig is mining steady… so Im
guessing its Web interface stuff having issues

disable the TRM watchdog in the config that’s what others reorting the gpu dead issue have done to resolve the matter