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HiveOS dashboard keeps logging out non-stop

Every time I try to make a change, it keeps logging out, and going back to the login page. It will display “unauthenticated” and then I will click login from saved password, get in and does this non-stop.

I created a new account, and it also does it…

anyone else getting problems like this?


yes, having the same issue. Created new account just now was going to try hiveos … not a good start

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Same issue here… just created an account for the first time, and got the same issue.

Same error here, I can’t even add a worker between that time you are logged in.

I have the same, I think I’m about to get brain cancer from that shit

i have the same Problem, when i logging in to hiveos immediately logged out and i have logging a gain, and this issue happen again and again… What is the problem?

I just signed up and have been having the log off issues for hours and still no fix and even the mobile app does the exact same thing, logs out after every click and says unauthenticated. Anyone have a fix? I need to get my rig setup going. But yeah not a good start for a new software, was going to use to for all my rigs.

looks like mine started working now

this is happening to me every day. it is happening across all my devises and has been happening for over amonth now. i don’t change anything and it’s really getting annoying. Is there a fix for this?

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