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Hiveos current hashrate much different from ethermine reported hashrate

Basically my main issue is. On ethermine I get a reported hashrate of half of what my Hiveos says. Additionally I get about 15-20 lower current hashrate on Ethermine as well. Has anyone had this issue and know how to fix it? Here are the images. Thank you for your time I really appreciate it.

would love to figure this out. I dont even know if this means im missing out of any hash.

Actually this is the luck factor. Reported means you send this to the pool. Current is if you overachieve.

So your computational power is 407,6 mh/s and if you have all OCs correct and stuff it should be all the time like this.
Now the current hashrate is dependent on the luck factor that there is while mining.
imagine you are mining for gold with one shovel and you find plenty of gold now, but there will be time when you keep digging and not finding anything. Now you are finding way more than you are searching for. there will be times you will find way less.
Whats very strange for me is the Average hashrate which you show. more or less over some period of time it should be like the reported rate.

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Only (long term) average hashrate counts.
Read mining pools’ FAQ for more information:
Why is my effective hashrate lower compared to my local hashrate? : bitfly Support Portal

Don’t forget to decrease your 1% dev fee of mining software.
So your actual hashrate is 1015*0.99=1004.85.
Averge hashrate on pool is 999.9.
0.5% gap is actually excellent.

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Thank for you the response I’m need to this but I hope to continue and make big strides.

Thank you!! That makes sense I appreciate the link as well. Still learning a lot.

your stats are bizzar. ive never seen reported having such a disparity.

Ok so I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it was weird

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