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Hiveos crashing issue

Hi new to hive and having trouble with the software it keeps crashing no mater what i seam to do, i have a ryzen 3 with a msi gaming max plus motherboard 8gb 2666 memory and a 120gb ssd with 3 cards on it currently, got more to go on but cant get it to work with 3 cards. 2x1660ti and a 2060, after about 10 minutes to 2 hours of running the software freezes up and wont reboot the oc are not over the top, any ideas would be great as im at a loss right now

U have problems with OC settings…
For 1660ti with micron memory Core at 900 and mem at 2000 31 m/s
For 2060 with Samsung memory Core at 1050 and mem at 1800 32 m/s
And leave the Pl value empty for 1660 and 125 for 2060
Happy mining

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