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HiveOS client on Windows

Hello HiveOS team

Now that drivers for Nvidia were out for 3060, it would be interesting to have available the windows version of HiveOS client. I know that in 2018 it was a beta release, but it would be great to have it available again.
Really, I want it for monitoring ,start and stop miner. Tweaking the overclock I can do it by MSI Afterburn.

Do you plan to make it available again, even if I have to compile something?


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I would also like to know if there are plans to add windows somehow into HiveOS Ecosystem.
Right now i have a Win10 PC running and mining T-Rex into HiveOn Pool where my Hashrate is visible, but HiveOS does not recognize its Mh/s.

I don’t know if there is a feature for making the hashrate generated by Win10 PC better visible. As it is now its kind of shocking at first when you see only half of your hashrate because 50% of your Farm is generated via Windows…after clicking Hive Pool you see all your power. But it still worries me a little.

Are there any updates on this?
If you don’t plan a Win10 version - I would be happy at first if HiveOS could get the HivePool data and shows the value in HiveOS to get the true Farm hasrate. Or do i something wrong?


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