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Hiveos card setting

hey hi everyone, i just started can anyone suggest me better settings?

you want to fine tune each card. dont use core offsets ( the -500) hive treats values above 500 in the core field as locked.

  1. remove all oc
  2. find highest stable mem clock per card. if it crashes, lower and reboot. this will be different for each card
  3. find lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate for each card.

no need for power limits with fine tuned core clocks.

I can’t lower the memory temperature of the asus tuf rtx 3070 ti no matter what settings I try, does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Aside from lowering the memory clock which will lower your hashrate, you either need to increase airflow (add a fan, open a window etc) or replace the thermal pads upgraded ones

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