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HIVEOS cannot see wifi on B550 plus wifi II


Please help
I have this message

All is new and normally ubuntu/hiveos should see the wifi of the motherboard no?

I don’t know what to do Please help.
Where the rig is installed I do not have Internet cable

Id give the beta a try, it supports a few more wifi chipsets than the stable

Also with beta the same problem cannot see the wifi of mobo B550 plus wifi Ii.
I have solved the problem by putting a cheap wifi USB key and beta hiveos .
When I disconnect the usb key I lose connection.

Really strange situation

I have 2 other rigs on b550 wifi mobos older model and working like a charm but this type of mobo assus tuf gaming B550 plus wifi II really do not want to work and I have replaced it with same mobo 3 times, the seller was kind enough to change it for me.

Anyway for the moment I will stay with this wifi usb key .

If anyone found a solution will be kindly appreciate

Thank you @keaton_hiveon for the help