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Hiveos cannot see the graphics card memory

the system has not displayed the card memory for several days. I updated the card’s bios but it did not help. I changed the riser and nothing too. please give me some tips what can be done
Card rx 580 xfx 8 gb.

Everything seems right
What is the problem?

One card dont work, dont have memory

Does the card work? Can you run a monitor off it? That’s how they show when the memory controller or memory chips die on them.

change rizer
check Motherboard slots

It is very hot there

I swapped with a working riser card and power supply, still the same

Is this card recognised by Windows ?

Sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Shutdown the rig

Unplug from the wall

Press the power button a few times

Wait 30 seconds

Plug back in and boot it up

Did not help :frowning:
I see this error:

Hmm… I had a card doing something like this, except it wasn’t producing errors but it was freezing my rig.

The last thing I did before it corrected itself was update the bios on the motherboard, but instead of setting all the pcie slots to gen2 or whatever previous setting I had, I threw caution to the wind and left them all on auto.

I’m losing about 3-4 MH/s overall with the auto setting but it’s a fair trade off for stability.

Maybe try clearing the CMOS and reconfigure?

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