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HiveOS Booting too fast?

I have installed all my graphic cards on a BTC S37 mainboard. They are booted from a msata.
Hive starts and the RIG also reports in the cloud GPUs are recognised, but mining don’t starts. Hashrate N/A.

I connected a monitor to the thing, you can see the message that the pool cannot be reached.
Strange, because the rig is already in the network and the pool address can be pinged manually.
I took a closer look… When booting, where the services start, you see a very brief message that the network is not ready.

I then tried it with a wifi stick. it works with that.
Could it be that my system boots too fast with the MSATA?
Is there an option to wait for the LAN so that I can also work via Ethernet?

you could try setting a miner delay in the worker options if the network connection works soon after

I will try it out tomorrow.

New findings.

it does not work, via LAN.
but the situation is even more peculiar.

the board reproducibly crashes the router when it boots. (Fritzbox DSL)
BUT now it gets even crazier.
the board is not even directly connected to the router.
It is connected to a L3 PoE switch which is behind a hardware firewall. After that comes the router.
Switch and FW has no problem with the board. Anyway I find nothing conspicuous in the logs of the systems.
I have never experienced something so crazy and I tinker a lot with network.

I have to go now first in me and think…