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HiveOS boot problem

Hoping some of you can assist or help me with my HiveOs

During loss of power of course my rig went off, and when the power goes back again it will automatically turn on or boot.

While booting we can see on the screen that it will not boot properly because it noticed that some of the gpu were not detected. Take note that I have already turned off the “ Watchdog Hashrate “.

Also, even if it did not detect any internet connection or Offline, it will boot properly

I also noticed that it will only boot when the connection is online.

By the way, my definition of boot is to load the flight-sheet and attempt to connect to my configured pool.

Unlike before, even if it did not detect any gpu or no connection at all (online) it will continue to boot properly and start mining or continuing to the miner software (trex) and wait for it go back online.

It wasn’t like this before… it will continue to boot normal wether some of the gpu are offline and no internet connection.

Any thoughts?
Settings to adjust?


I have the same issue after a energy problem, how did you fix it?

Kind regards!

Good day friend,

Be sure that you have a internet connection from your modem.
Make sure that your cable(utp cable) is working.

I remembered that I had my SSD or storage reinstalled with Hive Os.

Hope this helps

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