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HiveOs boot issue with SSD

I know this is a similar topic but through the other threads I couldn’t find anything matching my issue from what I saw. So new to building GPU rigs, lots of ASIC experience. I have an RX 580 4G with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 AM3+ using a AMD FX6100 6 core CPU and a Kingston 240GB SSD. PSU is EVGA 650w. I have my accounts up and running, using HiveOS with USB drive. Worker runs fine (just need to figure out the small adjustments to get more out of it before getting more cards) USB runs HiveOS from boot no issue so I assume BIOS and such is set correctly. Using VGA slot on mobo to monitor. I followed HiveOS instructions to transfer HiveOS from USB to SSD. No issues with the transfer, only had to activate SSD (brand new) and format it to exfat. But when I run the shutdown and reboot line, I remove the thumb drive so it uses the SSD. The system sees the HiveOS on the SSD but when i hit enter or boots it on its own the screen goes black with a solid non flashing curser line not in the top corner but a little more in to the center of the screen. Reflashed tested again, same issue. HiveOS will run on the USB but not the SSD. Any sugesttions would be appreciated.

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