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HiveOS Auto Fan or Claymore Auto Fan?

Hello miners,

Do you use Claymore’s " -tt '" or set the target temperature by HiveOS’s AutoFan ?

I set my target temp to 65 C but it fluctuates between 63 C and 69 C. Is there a way to make it solid 65 C without going up and down ?

Setup: 6x RX480

I think you can support your cards to be more stable and even lower temps by adding external cooling fans or a cooler ambient temps environment. Make sure the ‘No AMD’ switch is not turned on.

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your temp is fine if it fluctuates 5C on average
if it fluctuates 10 C+ then it means one of these reasons if im not mistaken
1- cards are not getting power properly
2- something wrong with overclocking settings
3- card issue needs to be cleaned from inside or need to be fixed

beside that I would like to suggest, if u want to do overclock & fan settings, do it from HiveOS and disable the control fan from claymore, unless u like to write too much commands instead of using GUI :slight_smile:

the command (-tt 1) in claymore will disable fan control by claymore

I have an RX480 gigabyte
and this is my settings
hope it’ll be useful fore u

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I used your settings but hashrate dropped 2 Mh/s for each GPU. How did you make it 29.80 with these settings because mine are 27.79 ?

maybe it depends on video memory manufacturer
my card memory is samsung , what is urs ?