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HIVEOS and UEFI to solve 5th GPU issue

Hi All,

I have a MSI Z390-A Pro motherboard and it only recognizes 4 GPU’s. When I add a 5th GPU it won’t boot up into HiveOS. I contacted MSI motherboard support and they advised to boot up in UEFI mode and change the BIOS boot up to UEFI and this should address the issue, along with changing the PCIE setting to “GEN2”.

However, I don’t know how to boot up HiveOS in UEFI mode. Does anyone know how to bootup HiveOs in UEFI mode?

Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

Thank you

You need to install it again on the USB Flash,HDD or SSD you use for the OS.
you have to download the iso and flash it on USB Flash,HDD or SSD in UEFI mode.
I personally used an app called rufus. with it you select the iso image, select the USB Flash,HDD or SSD you want to flash it on and select UEFI( non cmos/BIOS ) , Partition Scheme GPT.
To boot in UEFI mode you need to set it in bios.
You have two modes : legacy ( bios or uefi with MBR partition table ) or UEFI ( the new one with GPT partition table ).
i guess when you flashed the hiveOS you flashed it with standard settings which usually is Legacy mode.

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Hi Rkulov,

Thank you so much for the advice. I was able to download the last ISO image for HiveOs from the archive (Nov 2020) and used Rufus to write the image under UEFI mode. This allowed me to finally connect my 5th GPU which is great news, but I’m running into a different problem now.

HiveOS is displaying all 5 GPUs (4 x 1660 Super and 1 3060ti), but it’s not turning on or using the 3060ti. Do I need to download a 3060ti driver?

I’m enclosing a screen shot for reference.

Thank you so much for getting me to this point,

first OC the 1660 cards

try these:
Core clock 1200
Core voltage 850
Memory clock 1750
Fan speed 50%.

i am not sure about the 3060TI , maybe you need a newer Nvidia driver. you are running 450.66
use this command in console to display the available drivers :
nvidia-driver-update --list
then write the number if the driver series ( 465 )
nvidia-driver-update 465
the latest i see is the 465 series driver.
By the way if you have found the HIVE os image recently and it has this driver , you might need to update the system to the newest version. write selfupgrade in the console to install the latest hive os

Hi Rkulov,

That did it! I’m up and running on all 5 GPU’s. I updated the nvidia drivers and they’re all working and overclocked.

Thank you so much for your help on this, I would still be pulling my hair if it wasn’t for your guidance.

Hope you have a great week and I will try and help others as you helped me.

Take care,

i am glad your rig is up and running. keep reading and dont push the system too much :smiley: .
i was obsessed with pushing the card much and even wanted bios mod but i dont want to loose warranty because i cant buy new one after that :smiley:

This is what i get after flashing UEFI and changing boot to UEFI on bios:

Help me please!

Disable secure boot in bios.

Now i dont get this message but when booting to hiveos i get black screen. Do i have to plug the gpu that i have hdmi cable on directly to motherboard? (It is currently on riser)

More like try with the integrated one

i dont have integrated

Doesnt it appear in web ui of hive os?

My cpu doesnt have integrated graphics

Hi Rkulov,

Hope you’re doing well. A few months ago you helped me install the HiveOS image in UEFI mode. I want to upgrade the HiveOS verson to the latest to use the latest Nvidia drivers for my LHR cards.

Can I upgrade while in UEFI mode? If I do and I break something, can I go back to the version of HiveOS that I’m using now?

Thank you

Hi Ronnie,
hope you are doing good too.
Upgrading doesnt have anything to do with reinstalling so you should have any problem. Its a linux based system and similar to Windows update, it just downloads the new files and installs them.
Let me know how you are doing .

Your boy rkulov :smiley:

Did you get this resolved vincent? I am running into the issue of trying to use a Alienware R10 as main setup and it only supports UEFI and when I try to boot into hiveOS, after the GRUB, it goes to blank screen. And the rig does not show up in hiveOS.

Hi, tell me where to download the iso from?

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