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Hiveos about

Friends, I am currently Mining from Hives with a single Graphics Card.
Now I saw which internal graphics unit can be used in the pictures from MSI afterburner.
So if there is apu system
We can choose between with the graphics card.

• Now let’s come to my question now
From HiveOs (via flash)
I Mined with Graphics Card

If I then connect it to the monitor with the HDMI cable coming out of the screen on the same monitor, I can switch between the two as HDMI1 and HDMI2.
HDMI 1 (Image of video card)
Let hdmi 2 (image of apun)
Now, can I mine with the graphics card in hiveos and play games with the SSD (Windows) and the apu processor?
Will there be two separate platforms?

Not at the same time without virtualization, but if you have to ask it’s definitely beyond your current capabilities.

Best to run a dedicated mining rig and a seperate gaming rig imo.

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