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HiveOS 100% stable untill making changes

Hi guys,

I have had my first rig operational since a week now. It contains a 5700XT and a 3060TI gpu. I have my overclocks setup and mining on hiveon is superstable… 100% accepted ratio. All is good… however for some odd reason whenever I changes some of the settings in HiveOS or try to change the overclocks,…actually whenever there is something I try to change…I lose the connection with the rig and it does not seem to be coming back.

The OS is installed on a Gigabyte SSD with readspeed of 350 MB/sec and write 280MB/sec and I using a wired connection…

When losing the connection, the rigs seems to still be running and I think that it is actually still mining as well…

This is a very annoying problem for me, since every time I want to make some changes… the rig seems to be losing connection and the only thing I can do is do a hard shutdown of the rig…After that… the changes I made seem to be saved to the OS…So the connection is lost, but the changes have been saved…

Can somebody help me of give me some pointers ?

Motherboard : Asrock H110 Pro BTC +
CPU : Celeron G3930
RAM : Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400

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