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HiveOS 0.6-204 hard lock-up, B250, AMD+NVIDIA

Environment: B250 Mining Expert, latest BIOS 1208
11 x AMD 5700 XT using teamredminer
1 x NVIDIA 3070, 1 x 3080 using t-rex

Just upgraded this rig to 0.6-204. Shortly after X Windows and the miners start/generating DAGs, the system freezes and needs to be hard reset. It continues to hard lock. Reseated all cards/power - same issue.

Put the system in maintenance mode (so miners didn’t start), downgraded to HiveOS 0.6-203 resolved the issue for me.

Further info: Second system on B250 (BIOS 1006) ugpraded fine to 0.6-204, but only has NVIDIA installed (1x2080, 8x3070, 1x3080), so the issue might be BIOS or AMD-related (or something else).

if your system worked with the previous version of HiveOS and after update it started doing this its obviously something related to the update. stay with older version for now until new one is released maybe with a fix for this issue.

LOL - You just told me to do what I stated I did in my workaround.

yeah but you say with your second system that you think the issue is bios or AMD related. but in reality is OS related and they need to fix it.

Not necessarily - a separate system on same MOBO with different BIOS and card combination works fine. There are multiple variables involved here.

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