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Hiveon web interface not working but still mining

If I click the Hiveon tab on my dashboard I get a constant loading screen and it says my balance is zero. If I look at my miners terminal I can see that it is still mining, but I don’t want to continue mining if my rewards are not being sent to my account.

Any advice if I should keep mining or wait until I can verify my balance is updating? Does anyone know if the Hiveon web interface is down and how can I check this myself in the future?

Thanks in advance!

If your miner is getting jobs, sending shares, getting accepted share acknowledgments history shows you are fine.

fwiw: seeing some of the same issues myself. Noting my realtime hashrate appears accurate on the pool interface.

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I have similar issue here, hiveon pool shows that I’m no hashing for hours, but the fact my miner is still getting work and submitting shares is just worrying, don’t even know if they register the shares or not

If it is going to your wallet, which you should confirm, you have nothing to worry about in my personal experience.

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