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Hiveon too many rejects

Dear Sirs! Before hive changed billing system i was mining on ethermine pool so i have something to compare. Same internet connection, same farms. The only difference is pool. For now i have 3-5% rejects on all farms. On ethermine i had about 0.01-0.05% rejects. I was mining on Asia ethermine pool. Since im living in Russian Far East and it is about near my location. But when ethermine had problems with Asia server i was mining on EU server and had about the same result. So whats a deal? Why i`m getting so many rejects?

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Did you try server in Russia?

No. Havent seen it before. Ill try

Users near Chelyabinsk reported better results vs Ethermine Asian server

Okay. I`ll reply after a few days. Thank you

After 1 hour of mining looks the same as other servers.

looks better on a long range

Where you from? Region?

Vladivostok. Looks better now. Thank you!

We’re looking place for Asian server too. Not sure that’s will be better for you but who’s know.

Please help me mistake I delete hive os my account how to recover