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Hiveon Rig rebooting, no logs in miner/syslog

Hello, i have a strange issue.
My rigs reboots once 1 week without any logs in the minerlog/syslog.
This have happend 3 times, just rebooting. And then comming back online after 1 minute.
I would like to know why but i cant find anything.

This rig is Nvida cards only



H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock (P1.60 03/23/2018)
Intel® Core™ i5-6500T CPU @ 2.50GHz AES

PSU: 2x 1200w Corsair 80+Platinum

Have been running stable since march with no issues at all.

Here is 2 screenshots of the minerlog, and the syslog. Just before the reboot on the minerlog, and before reboot/after on the syslog.

edit: i can see a small hashrate drop from minerlog but dont know if that is something? Maybe 1 cards fucks upp and causes an system reboot?

Am i right that there is no software error here? It should be a hardware error on the rig?

The “last” change i did before all this started to happend was that i updated the Hiveon to version 0.6-207@210808 and the T-rex miner to v.0.21.5. Before this it ran for like 20 days since last time i updated/rebooted.


Are you using the HiveOS watchdog with your rig?

Hi, i dont use watchdog

Have you tried downgrading HiveOS to see if it’s the ungrade?

No, i have not. I have orderd more RAM, only 4 gb now, i upgrade to 8 gb. Then i will upgrade the system and see if it runs. Now it have been running 3 days with no issues.

any updates?

Mine says LOLMiner keeps rebooting about 6 times a day.
Maybe try another Miner.

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