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Hiveon Pool - Polygon payment method

Hello everyone
I am currently mining ETH on Ethermine and of course 1 rig is free
After researching and discussing on Discord, I know that if there is a second rig to mine ETH on Hiveon Pool, it will still be free for both.
My question here is on which network Hiveon Pool pays ETH, because I am currently using Polygon payment method on Ethermine Pool. I wonder if Hiveon can do the same thing
I would like to thank everyone


asking the same question myself…

payout is on Ethash after 0.1 Eth no alternatives.

Can someone please help me

Im new to hiveos i have 3070lhr

Looks like an Ethermine configuration issue vs. HiveOS issue.

You’ll want to check your flight sheets and confirm you have them set up with Ethermine standards.

Ask the same

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