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Hiveon pool low reported hashrate and rejected shares

Hi i recently switched from Nanopool to hive on pool, i am using the same settings i did on nanopool but my reported hashrate in24h is 10 MHS lower than my actual hashrate all the time a problem i didnt have with nanopool( sometimes my reported hashrate was higher by 5 - 10 mhs in 24h ).
Another problem i am having with hiveon pool is the rejected shares i get in 24h are about 20-30. I didnt have this problem either with nanopool.

Can anyone tell me whats worng or i should switch the OS,because hive os only lets you use hiveon for free.



I was struggling with rejected shares. I was suspecting internet connection, because I have miner connected via cellular connection. I checked pings - 60-80ms (OK), analyzed claymore logs - just info about rejections, decreased OC - no chages, changed pool to 2miners - 0 rejects, 100% accepted.
Hiveon has 3 pools so I did 3 one hour tests:
EU pool (located inFR) ~3% rejects
RU pool (located in RU) ~4% rejects
North America pool (located in US) ~1% of rejects (acceptable).

Ofcourse results depends on location of your miner, so you must do your own tests. I was testing from PL.

It means that Hiveon team has problems with pools and should take some actions to solve it because 4-5% of rejections just discourages.
As I read in post about payment, that if you have one rig you can mine totally for free anything anywhere.

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same issue here , total 177/mhs but reported only 145/mhs … clearly they are stealing from their freeware usages … damn russians