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HiveON pool latency

I’d like to use Hiveon pool however the one server available for the U.S. for me has latencies varying from 45ms to up to 120ms causing stale shares. ethermine servers have solid 25ms latency with no stale shares on the exact same configs. Does anyone know if they are planning on spinning up more U.S. servers?

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as far as I know US East Coast or Canada

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I also get a lot of stales on EU… :disappointed:

A little late but I am getting 132ms on hiveon us west too. I am getting worried because I’m at 4.25% stale

I have checked Ethermine and and you’re right, much better. I’m about to create a new flight sheet ad run it.

I think there is definitely something up with the NAW server. Several miners have been posting about high stale rates.

I am in the United States on the East coast and started seeing stale rates upwards to 4.5% on the NAW server. Switching to the EU servers has dropped them to under 2%.

As a test, I switched one back to NAW this past Friday. Stale rates rose to 3.98%. On Sunday, I switched it to the EU server. In 13 minutes, stale rate dropped to 3.37%. After two hours, the rate was 3.12%.

As of today at 11:22 AM EST, the rate is now 1.98%.

It doesn’t make sense because ping rates to EU vs NAW are almost double. IDK.

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I moved one of my miners back to the NAW server because now it seems i have a pretty solid <50ms ping times where as before i was getting up to 120+. so far no stales but i’ve only been running it for about an hour.

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0.53 % stale shares after 22 hours or so. good enough, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

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How do you ping the servers as I am having the same issue?

I did switch back to other pools even though they have 1% fee because of stale shares on naw server mining from the east coast, I tried switching DNS providers and improving my overall ping to their server lowering the pin to ~52ms but even that didn’t help much, receiving around 3% stale shares still where on other pools that have 20-30ms pings I get less than 1% stales way less

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