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Hiveon Pool is the cause of the increase in stale shares? 0.5% to 2%

Since January 13, my stale shares increased from 0.5% to 2% without any obvious explanation. In my flight sheet I tried to use my closest pool (45ms) and I also tried the AUTO option that locates me in the same pool. Nothing changed.

my nearest pool is

In the first image you can see the use of the “pool-ping” tool that is in HiveOS.

Here you can see that the latency of the stratum is not stable.

I also attach the image of the PING I made to at the same time to show the stability of my connection

does anyone have any suggestions other than switching to flexpool or ethermine?

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The single address upgrade was on 1/6/2022.

The method of targeting a single server is a bit different now and not recommended with the exception of a narrow cases. To point at a single address and accept the responsibility of failover, there is a “direct” added to the addresses as this baseline:

Hiveon Pool still pays out 50% value up to <5% stale shares. Factor such into your analysis.

Full disclosure, I mine on various pools to suit certain payout criteria and stales still vary for me after I aggressively tuned my systems to the service provider demarcation. Whether the % range matters to you will require a calculation of all the variables.

Good luck in the hunt!

Same here. This morning I have split the mining over three pools (hive, 2miners and ethermine). I have meantime about 1.5% stales with hive and zero stales with 2miners/ethermine.

Considering hive pays 50% of the stales, i am starting to have funny ideas how they make their money.

I will continue the testing for another two-three days.

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