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Hiveon pool fee´s and rewards VS Ethermine or other pool´s

Hi. I have been trying to figure out the total costs of 2 rigs on hiveonpool and is there difference in revards between pools, if there is difference on rewards, are they significant for under 1GH total hash from 2 worker farm?
Some posts that i have been reading are saying that hiveonpool rewards are lower than some other pools? Is there any truth in this?
Allso, As free user 1. rig is totally free, but with two rigs u need to pay dev fee 3%…is that per payout orper month? Is there other fees hidden in hiveonpool´s so called free accounts?
As paid user im paying 3$ per rig/month, with fast calculation, it seems to me that 3% dev fee is way more than 3$ month ? Allso there is no rectrictions on what coin u can mine, all included to 3$ month.
If anyone have experiences of using example ethermine pool, is that a better solution than hiveon pool for 2 rig farm ? I use Team red miner, in general, what is the best pool to mine ETH /ETC and if planning for the future, for other coins too when ETH becoms obsolete…?

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