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Hiveon Pool efficiency drops with increased rig's hashrate?

My rig reports ~252mh, and was hashing steadily at Pool Hashrate ~252mh w/ Efficiency 99.95% (top in the pic).

If I try OC setting for 2080 Super to -200/3400/125W, hashrate increases by 4mh at a cost of extra 19W. But the Pool Hashrate and Efficiency drops (bottom in the pic), fluctuating inconstantly between 80% to 90%. The Hiveon pool Expected Earnings also drops slightly.

I’m a newb and learning. Can someone explain this please?

This is my “guess” based on what you’ve shared.

The Pool Hash rate is an accumulative calculation. The top figure, by the number shares, compared to bottom figure looks like rig was run longer than with the bottom figure. The up time for the bottom figure setting would need to run about the same amount of as the top to get a more accurate comparison.

They are the same rig. After the screen capture of the top, I changed the OC on GPU1, and watched the Pool’s hashrate and efficiency decline. So I changed the OC back to original setting, rebooted, after a little while, changed the OC to gain 4Mh, then watched the Pool’s HR and Efficiency decline again; that’s when I captured the bottom screen.

I completely understand that the two images are from the same rig. The first image is for 4159 shares in 10 hours and 40 minutes and the second image is 104 shares in 18 minutes. 18 minutes wouldn’t be long enough for me to determine if a change I made effected the efficiency. If was trying to compare, I would need to run the updated setting for 10 hours similar in the amount of time of previous settings where run, to determine.

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