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Hiveon Pool earnings

I recently changed from 2miners pool ETC to Hiveon pool ETC mining. With 170 MH I earned about $3.50 a day. Now, with an upgrade to over 300MH, it says only about $0,70 a day. I must be doing something wrong here but I can’t figure out what.

No you don’t
As many coin since ETH merge, difficulty has raised stratospheric
300 Mh/s is currently 0.73€ / day
We have to wait for those who pay highly electricity to surrender :slight_smile:

Ah I thought it had something to do with switching to the Hiveon pool. That was at the same time as the ETH merge. I didn’t think it would affect ETC mining. I might as well shut the rig down then because the cost are much more than the profit now.
Thanks for the info!

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