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HiveOn Pool down?

Says the person that didn’t have a clue his rig wasn’t connecting to the pool servers. He was testing hive API servers!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I swear, this guy is a walking SNL skit. LOSERRRRRRRR

Says the person who, just because HE can’t see ping times under 80ms, would be stupid enough to make profess his idiotic statement:
“You won’t see a ping time under 80ms”

checks my ping times

my ping times are under 80ms

Therefore; @anon36430427 is wrong.

Go take your 20MH/s dusty ass somewhere else.

BWAHAHAHA…YOU were the one who had the fetish to resurrect this, not me.

Don’t pick/start a fight that you can’t finish.

I’m still getting 80ms ping times, I’m half way across the globe from the very same servers you’re testing. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


EDIT: I forgot to add his recent post. :joy::joy:

Like I said, find out where along the hop for your IP packet is causing you the most issue/adding most of that latency.

This is so simple that even I, as a stupid person, would know how to do.

You can use dig to time your DNS resolution if you think that the DNS resolution is the reason why it takes your IP packet so long for it to reach its destination.

I already ran mine, shown above.

“Query time: 2 msec”

“real 0m0.038s
user 0m0.005s
sys 0m0.021s”

Still < 80ms DNS resolution time according to dig if you think that’s the root cause of your issue.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Go away dude. I’m HOPING that you’re like 15-16yrs old. If you’re an adult, seek psychiatric attention IMMEDIATELY before u end up on one of those serial killer shows. U have all the right character flaws to become one Mr Alpha Moron.


You’re the one who resurrected this.

It’s what I do. Put morons in their place.


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:joy: This is all I will have for u from here on out. Lmao

Oh, and this, can’t forget this!!!

I know. You have nothing of significant, nothing of substance to offer.

You’ve provided two days’ worth of posts to back up the fact that you have nothing significant, nothing of substance to offer.

Whyyy…that’s mighty perspicacious of you.

The hilarious thing about this post is how u state that you searched high and wide for a reason for this payout. Meanwhile you were ON THE THREAD explaining it, but refuting everyone’s findings and acting like your 20MS times were something to call home about. Moron didn’t even know!!! :joy::joy::joy: I swear, u the best writers in the world couldn’t make this up. Reality is stranger than fiction. Especially when you throw people with mental issues in the mix. :joy::joy::joy:

The fact that you don’t seem to know how to run dig to test your DNS resolution times = you’re a fucking joke.

I don’t need DIG loser. I have a recursive resolver. Google it again. I know it’s advanced terminology, but try to understand it, before u keep digging yourself in a deeper hole. Any moron can run a dig command. My setup is more advanced than that. I wouldn’t expect u to understand moron. The fact that I’ve had to explain this like 4-5 times already, and the fact that u had to Google what a recursive resolver is tells me u don’t have a clue what you’re doing. U just copy and paste commands u see online. Moron. :joy::joy::joy:


Should I call u Copy and Paste man too? Let me dig up a character image for your second personality. Be right back!

“Any moron can run a dig command. My setup is more advanced than that”
Yes, and even GIVEN that, the data STILL shows that you’re wrong as my system resolved the DNS in < 80ms

AND my ping times are also less than 80ms.

In other words, tested both ways (DNS vs. the time it takes for the IP packet to travel to its destination) - BOTH show < 80ms.

Even someone as stupid as I am would know to run basic tests/diagnostics as a part of performing the root cause analysis to figure out where along the way, is causing the IP packet latency to increase, which results in a >80 ms ping time.

This is so basic and simple that even I, as a stupid person, can run these tests, and insodoing, it didn’t take much for me to be able to take screenshots of the evidence which shows that you’re wrong.


Like I said, you already have the perfect picture: the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz.

It DEFINITELY suits you and is very much “on point”. :wink: