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HiveON pool delay? Couple newbie questions

Hi… just playing with a single worker and 1 RX 6600 XT getting to understand things a bit. Setup to mine ETH using HiveON poll and TeamRedMiner as a miner. After 22 hours HiveOS site and the shell said I had 600 Accepted shares. I shut down to replace the 6600XT with a second card, got called away to eat dinner, finished then rebooted fine. An hour later looking on HiveON it currently shows only 571 Valid shares. I noticed over the 22 hours there was definitely a delay from seeing the accepted share and it HiveON site but it wasn’t this long.

** I just rechecked and HiveON is showing just 569 Valid shares now??

I have 14 (2.4%) Stale Shares, though most of those were yesterday and 0 Invalid Shares. Hash rate is 32.14 @ 48w.

Can you loose Accepted shares during a reboot?
How can the Accepted shared decrease?

Any better pool/miner combos?


Depending on the miner(fee), pool(some have fees), submitted shares(stale, invalid, accepted), and the window the tracking is using you’ll find some variation in my experience.

fwiw: this is pool side stats for similar rig(single RX570 running TRM)

Reboot won’t effect share count, outside of the fact it is NOT mining/submitting shares.

Decrease over 24hours is impacted if the 24 hour window has slid and some shares are now outside the window.

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Great thank you