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Hiveon Pool After The Merge / fee and alternate algo's?

In order to get Hiveos for free you must be on Hiveon pool and have 4 or less rigs. What happens to Hiveon pool after the merge? Will there be Hiveon pools for other algo’s? Will I have to start paying if I have 4 rigs or less?

Hiveon Pool teams have plans, but I have not seen them sharing them anywhere. Stay tuned!

If you are mining Non-Hiveon Pool algo’s up to 4 are free, not sure why that would change:

Thanks Grea. I am sure they are working on something but I see them loosing a massive amount of capital very soon and I don’t want to get blind sided by a suprise change. So if I am reading it correctly as long as I am mining any coin besides ETC after the merge and I have 4 or less rigs I should not be required to pay for hiveos correct? Seems rather odd they have not created pools for algo’s other than ETH and ETC by now.

You are making many assumptions about the Hiveon Business Plan, but they have been providing:

  • A mining operating system for GPUs and ASICs with continuing development during a War, multiple ETH merge delays, and vast “swings in valuation”
  • They have been operating (2) pools to date and I have not heard of any end to ETC mining. Point of note, where are those ETH ASICs going to land? How about all the 5GB ETH ASICs which have been dropping off the ETH pools as the DAG crosses 5GB?

If you and I have (4) rigs and are only going to have (4) rigs, let’s be honest, that sized farm is welcome, but not paying Hiveon’s bills.

In my opinion, drive forward with your mining strategy, let the chips fall where they may, expect changes, and expect Hiveon to be around for some time building highly scalable solutions for mining operations beyond the two of us.

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Not sure etc will be a good option just after the merge. ASICs will jump there since they got no other option. This will flood the hashrate and unless the price moons, it won’t be a good option for the rest.

After the merge, things for gpu miners will be crazy. Hope that hive brings out a solution that allows you to switch coins that give you the most reward. Either based on the current profit (payable in btc?), or a defined price for selected coins (ie those coins you are interested in a future :crossed_fingers: price)

We are ~20d from the merge :thinking: , so hopefully, hive won’t keep us in the dark too long. It will let people figure out what they want to do. In the meantime, I set my payout threshold beyond what I can make in the remaining time. Thus, not ending with less than the 0.2 needed for free payouts :wink:

I am hoping to see something my GPUs can mine profitably, even if it requires a bit of speculation. We’ll see, there are options now that you can use under HiveOS so I don’t see the pool options as limiting.

I am going the other direction, after my last over threshold monthly payout in Early September, I am going to reduce to small assuming the gas stays low as it currently.

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