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Hiveon Pool 3% stale, Ethermine 0.25% stale same rig?

I have been mining on Ethernine pool for 3 weeks through hive os using NBminer. I was getting on average 0.25% stale shares there.
I switched over to Hiveon pool with NBminer and in the last 10ths I am up to 3% stale shares. The flight sheet and rigs are exactly the same. The only thing changed was I switched to Hiveon pool instead of Ethermine pool.
Anyone have any instigated on why this is?

Frequently folks are pointed to the wrong pool location. Might want to set it to the following auto mode in your flight sheet:


Thanks for the feedback. It actually only allowed me to select auto when I set hiveon. Which I thought was odd because when I run ethernine it gives a list that I can ping and see which one was the best.

So it is currently set to auto.

Hey did that help? Have you noticed less stales?

I was already selecting auto. I also went and manually selected each one and it is still the same. I get around 32-40ms when I ping the pool which was around the same as ethermine. I am hoping someone can shed some light on this.

Paths to each pools regional node vary enough it may be the difference. I have mined on both at the same time from East US, no noticeable difference in stales, etc., from my location. Your results can vary based on yours.

Net: Find the one that works best for your rewards ratio.